Setting Direction & Taking Action

As a business owner, it’s important to consistently look at the bigger picture and focus on the activities that help you grow and take your business to the next level. We know it’s not always easy, but at the end of the day, it’s typically the daily tasks and "putting out fires" that consume much of your time. That is where Your Management Team comes in. We help you set direction and take action. Your Management Team is here to give you guidance, expert advice, and an extra boost of motivation.

One-on-One Consulting.

  • Is all about helping you move from the daily issues and needs of your business in order to think and react with a ‘big-picture’ strategy. Too often our daily needs become so overwhelming we become stuck. Working with a consultant on an individual basis provides a sounding board, an expert to move you forward with your business, and someone to hold you accountable. 

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Advisory Boards

  • There are times when one more than one advisor is needed to assist you think through and implement ‘big-picture’ strategies. An advisory board is a group of advisors pulled together specifically to address the higher level needs of your business. For example, could you use the advice of a marketing expert, business expert and HR expert all providing their expertise? Experts that work together as a ‘team’ for the benefit of your business?

    Are you ready to have a ‘team’ on your side?

Business Plan Development

  • If you are wondering whether you really need a business plan the answer is YES. Whether a regular, strategic or one-page plan, defining your business, setting direction, and understanding your financials sets a strong basis for the launch and growth of your business. Start or grow your business the right way, from knowledge and understanding rather than by trial and error.

    Are you ready to define and monetize your business?

Feasibility Studies

  • Are you in the planning stages of launching a large business concept and want to make sure there is a market or need for this type of business, whether for-profit or non-profit? A feasibility study could assist you with uncovering answers before you launch. Researching the market and competition, defining products and services, addressing sustainability and growth opportunities could provide your project with answers and direction going forward.

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Set Direction.
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