Announcing YMT's Newest Initiative - Think Space Columbus

Think Space Columbus

That is one of the benefits and joys of being an entrepreneur, the opportunity to turn an idea into a reality. Saying that, six months ago while searching for event space to host our “Planning to Funding Event” and not finding anything convenient or affordable, I made a statement to Caroline that it would be great if we had our own space. That way we could host educational events, and our Meetups, without the frustration of figuring out where we could find space. It still amazes me that such a simple comment could be the catalyst for business growth. During our conversation, we touched upon the fact that there was open space in our strip center located in Westerville just two doors down from our office that would work as a training facility. Caroline’s father, John Zettler, owner of Zettler Hardware, owns the center and told us if we handled the build-out of the space, we could get a really “good” deal on the monthly rent.

As with any new business idea, Caroline and I went back and forth on whether it was a good idea. We developed a plan and projected financials to see if the idea made sense. We also questioned whether the timing was right to add something new to our busy plates. Anyone that knows Caroline and I knew the answer was going to be “yes,” as long as the numbers made sense.

With the decision made, we began to reach out to experts in their fields for help pulling it all together. We are both firm believers that it is important to focus on what you do best as a business owner and to surround yourself with experts to help you in other areas. We reached out to Carman Hafer, owner of We Decorate Columbus, a talented decorator who picked out the colors, carpet, and accessories and really pulled the space together. We purchased our furniture from Darla King, owner of King Business Interiors. Not only did we purchase fabulous furniture, but Darla donated and loaned us furniture to use until the furniture we ordered arrived.

With the room pulled together, we hosted our first event, “Planning to Funding” at the end of February. We had 45 people in attendance! PNC Bank sponsored the breakfast and luncheon. The event was a great success and a wonderful way to launch the new facility. The center named, Think Space Columbus, by our marketing company, Amanda Sage with Gong Gong Communications is now open for business, not only for use by Your Management Team and Worley Law but available for rent for workshops, seminars, board meetings, events, large meetings, and educational events on a 2-hour, half-day or full-day schedule. In fact, Mary Relotto, owner of Dames Bond is our first business utilizing the space monthly for her Dames Bond Pro-series. Caroline and I cannot wait for each of you to see the space. We would love to have you use it for all your training needs. The space is beautiful with great colors and furniture, provides amenities including projector, dry-erase wall, wireless internet, and kitchen.

It is an amazing feeling to look around and realize your idea has become a reality, and even better, that the reality exceeds your expectations. I would like to thank everyone who assisted us in turning the vision into a reality. We look forward to sharing the space with each of you. Check us out at: Planning to host an event or workshop? We look forward to working with you and providing a low-cost space for all your needs.