How To Build Good Credit (and Improve Your Credit Score)


Some little things that may make a difference in the number.

Funding For Your Small Business


That is definitely what we need as a small business owner. Just give us as much money as you can and we will make the business work.

Interview with Janet Harrison on Small Business Funding & Credit

A green plant sprouting from money

We recently interviewed Janet Harrison, a Certified Financial Counselor with Consumer Credit Counseling Service, about credit counseling and how it can help business owners seeking funding.

Interview with Mary McCarthy on Small Business Funding & Preparing your Funding Package

Thought process brainstorm

We recently interviewed YMT president Mary McCarthy about YMT's upcoming funding event.

What Does the Crowdfunding Exemption Mean for Small Business Owners Today?

Crowdfunding takes teamwork

Crowdfunding is the practice of soliciting very small amounts of money from a very large number of individual, non-accredited investors.