On Your Mark...

Trademarking is important!

Often, I am asked what's the difference between Service Marks, Trademarks and Registered marks, and how to use them. Here is some information from the US Patent and Trademark office

Defining Your Ideal Prospect

Business Strategy Thought Bubble

It’s crucial you know exactly who needs your product or service. Mass marketing doesn’t work as well in today’s business-to-business environment.

Put LinkedIn Features to Work in Your Strategy

Creative Strategy Idea Bubble

This past week I attended a great lunch & learn on writing job postings that sizzle. It was good stuff, but what really caught my attention were the questions from attendees trying to figure out how to share these sizzling posts in a 140-character world.

5 Tips for Developing an Advisory Board

Advisory board working together

Do you find yourself so busy running your business you forget, or do not have time, to think about the big picture and where you want to take your business? 

Who Needs an Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board Gathers Together to Discuss

Chances are you do!

Successful CEO’s of large organizations figured out that advisory boards help them think about the “big picture” and bring tremendous benefit to their organization.  Just because you are a small business owner does not mean you cannot think like a CEO.