What is Google Calendar?

A woman using a calendar to plan

Are you past the point of keeping track of all your important meetings, dates, and events via a paper planner or calendar? Jump on the Google Calendar bandwagon!

What is Web Cache and How Do I Delete/Clear It?

Computer sitting on a desk

Caching is a process by which computers, programs, and web browsers temporarily store data and media for quicker recall.

What Not To Say When Selling – 3 Weak Word Choices

Hand shake

We are all in sales, just embrace it. Selling is providing a service, sharing information and issuing an invitation.

Why We Just Can't Get Excited About Business Plan Software

Business Plan Software

There are a few business plan software titles out there, Business Plan Pro (BPP) being the most popular.  I admit that, as a consultant who writes business plans, I have a few issues with the software and the results that many entrepreneurs end up with. So, what is it with the end product that bothers me?

Small Business and HR: What’s Required and What’s Nice?

Two Women Working Together

As a small business owner, what HR-related laws apply to your business? Are you required to give paid time off? What is a “must have” versus a “nice to have” when it comes to benefits, compensation, and so on?