YMT Resource Member Caroline Worley Woman Business Champion

Congratulations to Worley Law, LLC owner Caroline Worley!

Small-Business Incubator to Assist Women Entrepreneurs

The growing number of business incubators will soon include one dedicated to women.

Susan Duve's Business Ownership Lessons

The group lessons in on tips

Attending the Dames Bond Conference this week I had the opportunity to talk with Susan Duve, owner of Royal Fireworks sauces regarding what characteristics she brought to her business that helped her bring her product to market and into more than 40 stores.

How Prepared Are You for Your Next Trip? A Checklist of Essentials

A woman walking with luggage

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, by plane or car, planning ahead and being prepared can save on headaches and heartaches of what could be a fun-filled memorable experience. With the rules and regulations of uncertain times upon us, here are a few points to consider when preparing for a trip.