Building A Stronger Ecosystem

Small business is big business.

Your Management Team, Inc. provides training and education services for entrepreneurs, business owners, and community partners that support our small business community.

Our goal is increase the success rate of small businesses, to elevate the perceived value of small business on the economy, and to create a stronger, more integrated ecosystem including developing a collaborative community.

Why is this important? Per the Small Business Administration (SBA), "Since 1990, as big business eliminated 4 million jobs, small businesses added 8 million new jobs!" Yet the significance of small business impact on the economy is often diminished. In addition, a challenge of small business owners is the lack of coordinated resources devoted to helping these existing entrepreneurs expand and sustain. In order to achieve the goals we set, it is important to run our businesses as effectively as possible. And, for those who provide training, to have the knowledge and understanding of our level of business in order to train us successfully.

Entrepreneurial Training

  • Everything you do from riding a bike, driving your car, to growing a successful business starts with learning and doing. Your Management Team’s Entrepreneur Exchange program funded by the Small Business Administration’s ScaleUp America initiative provides a nine-month leadership and business training program geared towards existing businesses. Learn more! 

    Are you ready to grow yourself as the leader of your business?

Consultant Training

  • Small business consulting is vastly different than assisting mid-level executives understand how to improve processes and procedures. Small business consulting is all about educating and guiding small business owners through empathy and knowledge. To assist consultants who desire to work with entrepreneurial businesses, Your Management Team has developed a training and certification program for small business consultants, Certified Microbusiness Consultants (CMC). This certification program will walk consultants through defining entrepreneurial consulting, how to develop their consulting business, and how to assist entrepreneurs develop and growth their business.

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Organizational Training

  • Are you a non-profit or government funded organization who assists early-stage entrepreneurs or small business owners who need help defining their business concept, securing funding, or just needing someone to talk with? Your Management Team’s training and certification program, will assist you with understanding how to address the needs of early-stage business owners, thereby improving your efficiency rate and technical assistance hours.

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